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Top JavaScript books of all time

I came across this link today, naming Professional JavaScript the 3rd best JavaScript book of all time. I know it’s not a huge site, but it’s always nice to know that people like your work. Just wanted to post a thank you to Ryan for his kind words. […]

More Opera weirdness

As I continue to plow through another chapter in the new book, I’m discovering more weird stuff in Opera. On the surface, Opera appears to have very good standards support and reports what it supports fairly well. However, there are some areas where it really falls down: For keydown and keyup events, Opera returns the... […]

Learning to program

I was talking with some co-workers yesterday during a break when the topic of children and programming came up. More specifically, how to get children started programming. That led me to thinking about how I first got started and the progression from that first step to where I am today. As best I can tell,... […]

The mysterious Wii remote JavaScript API

I remembered some time ago coming across an article over at the Opera Developer Community about a JavaScript API for the Wii remote that was supported in Opera for the Wii. I just went over there tonight and found a mysterious “access denied” message on the page. I then found this post that showed the... […]

New site feeds – please update!

Just a quick note to let everyone know I’m going to be moving the location of the feeds for my site. This is part of my ongoing quest to finally update the design/layout/architecture of this site. I’ll keep the old links working for a bit, but for better forwards-compatibility, please update your favorite newsreader to... […]

PC Magazine: My Yahoo given 4/5

In what will hopefully be the first of many positive reviews this year, My Yahoo! was given a 4-out-of-5 rating in a PC Magazine review. The review, which came out today, makes comparisons against what are perceived to be the two biggest competitors: Netvibes and PageFlakes. The old My Yahoo! seemed to get a little... […]

Can text nodes receive events?

One of the most annoying things that developers discovered when the first DOM-compliant browser, Netscape 6, was released had to do with events. Due to the new DOM event flow model, text nodes could receive events. The result was utterly confusing. Suppose you had the following code: <div id="myDiv">Click Me</div> If an event handler was... […]

How to markup blog comments?

I’m going through the painful process of redesigning my personal site in my spare time…okay, so I don’t really have spare time, but I’m finding a few moments before bed to work on it. I’m trying to make everything semantically correct in terms of the HTML I’m using, with the ultimate goal of top-notch accessibility... […]

Torn between two lovers

She’s a pretty girl, that’s for sure. Everywhere she goes, she gets noticed. It’s that sort of girl-next-door thing that gets everyone’s attention. Some would call her a hippy; she does like wearing her flip-flops and sundresses whenever possible. Growing up in Silicon Valley, she cares about the environment, loves diversity, and needs her double... […]

Getting element dimensions: A follow up

In my previous post I discussed the tragedy of the getBoundingClientRect() method and its different implementations. Reader Jose Jeria pointed out that Opera 9.5 has implemented the method as well and has used the Firefox method of originating at (0,0). Distraught over the need to use browser detection for a cross-browser solution, I started playing... […]