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YUI 2.5.1 released, including cookie fix

YUI 2.5.1 has been released. This includes a fix to the Cookie utility for a subcookie parsing issue that was brought to my attention. Always a nice way to start the work day, I might add. So I quickly created a new test case using YUI Test and sure enough, it was broken. I then... […]

The dreaded Operation Aborted error

At one point or another, it seems like most web developers have run into the dreaded “Operation Aborted” in Internet Explorer. Microsoft has acknowledge that it’s a bug and provided a detailed writeup of the situation. As usual, their writeup is wordy and hard to understand. I’ve been investigating this problem more thoroughly and wanted... […]

IE8 goodies and baddies

Even though I was sick this week, I managed to read a couple of things about Internet Explorer 8. My feelings were, I believe, about the same everyone else’s: a mixture of excitement and disappointment. I’m excited for CSS improvements that are long overdue but sorely disappointed in the JavaScript “improvements”, though the CSS improvements... […]

Does Safari’s clipboardData actually work?

I’ve been playing around with the clipboardData object in Internet Explorer and Safari all weekend. IE’s access is pretty straightforward, the object is located on window and always available. Safari adds clipboardData to the event object, but only during clipboard events. You can only read clipboard data in Safari in an onpaste event handler, but... […]

Big day for the Web

Today started out as a normal day and ended up as being one of the most interesting days in the history of web development. First, Microsoft announced a change in the way Internet Explorer 8 will work. Instead of defaulting to IE7′s rendering mode and forcing developers to opt-in to the “super standards” mode, IE8... […]

Thoughts on HTML 5

I’ve just finished taking a look at the working draft of HTML 5 and thought I’d share my thoughts. Clearly, HTML 5 is meant as an evolution of HTML 4, which has both its good and bad points. Accordingly, there are both good and bad parts of the specification. My thoughts are as follows: I... […]

Book Review: Pro JavaScript Design Patterns

Fellow Yahoo Ross Harmes and former Yahoo Dustin Diaz recently released their first book, Pro JavaScript Design Patterns. Since they were kind enough to drop a copy by my cube, complete with autographs, I feel like I need to at least mention the book here. So I figured I might as well give an honest-to-goodness... […]

Writing for how people read

The way that people read is a fascinating thing. The interaction between printed letters and our mind is a magical process that seems to defy logic at times. There was a chain letter going around a couple years ago that scrambled the letters in each word in a very unique way: the first and last... […]

YUI 2.5.0: YUI Test reaches GA and more

In case you missed the official announcement, today YUI 2.5.0 was released. With this release, YUI Test has been promoted out of the beta stage into general availability (GA). I’m really excited about this as YUI Test was my first contribution to YUI and I honestly believe it’s probably one of the most useful pieces... […]

Top JavaScript books of all time

I came across this link today, naming Professional JavaScript the 3rd best JavaScript book of all time. I know it’s not a huge site, but it’s always nice to know that people like your work. Just wanted to post a thank you to Ryan for his kind words. […]