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Naked JavaScript objects

I was looking through one of the source files of Narcissus, the JavaScript interpreter written in JavaScript, when I came across a line that I probably missed before: var keywords = {__proto__: null}; The __proto__ property is only accessible in Firefox, Safari, Rhino, and ActionScript and is the property that ties an object instance to... […]

Mentioned in Microsoft whitepaper

I was over my buddy Adam‘s place for a fourth of July barbecue yesterday when he mentioned having read a Microsoft whitepaper on cross-domain security. This had come up after we had started talking about Internet Explorer 8 and if there’s anything new and cool in it. He then mentioned offhand that they quoted me... […]

What to do with your money

Regardless of the recession or not argument, the fact is that a lot of people are feeling financially crunched. Pretty much any place you may have put your money isn’t safe. Housing prices have plummetted, stocks have taken a pounding, and interest rates in savings accounts are practically non-existent. Compounding the problem is the 3.9%... […]

Teaching the children

On my recent trip back to my ancestral home of Boston, I was invited to speak at a high school. The topic was what it takes to work for a company like Yahoo!. Given that this was a group of teenagers, and the propensity of such groups to fall asleep when the lights are turned... […]

Congratulations, Jackie and Denis!

I met Jackie somewhere around 10 years ago. She was in high school and I was in college. To be honest, I can’t remember why we started talking but I do remember us instantly getting along. Maybe it was our no-BS way of talking about anything and everything. It’s sometimes difficult to be friends with... […]

And so the HTML 5 trouble begins

A little while ago, I wrote about the dangerous point we’re at with HTML 5. At the time, I mentioned how browser vendors tend to jump on cool new things too quickly and that sometimes those things end up being removed and we’re left with incompatible implementations. Sadly, DOM Storage has become the first such... […]

Browser cookie restrictions

I’ve been doing some research into cookies for my upcoming book and came across some interesting facts about the way browsers handle cookies. I started out by looking at the number of cookies that browsers allowed per domain. The results were interesting: Microsoft indicated that Internet Explorer 8 increased the cookie limit per domain to... […]

Cross-domain XHR removed from Firefox 3

When Internet Explorer 8 introduced the XDomainRequest object, I was really excited because I had just read John’s post about cross-domain XHR in Firefox 3. Great, I thought to myself, the top two browsers now support cross-domain requests…we’re finally getting somewhere. This weekend I was digging in a little more when I found the Firefox... […]

Compress context menu item for Windows XP

Just thought I’d share a quick tip. I’m one of the few developers I know who uses Windows almost exclusively (sorry, no Mac here). Lately, I’ve been wanting to see how my JavaScript files would be compressed using Julien’s YUI Compressor. Previously, I was keeping a command window open and typing the command in directly.... […]

Wanted: Browser debug mode

A little while ago, Doug Crockford wrote a blog entry where he proclaimed that web development was broken. His example was the suggestion that browsers implement a strict mode that would give informative errors. The assertion was that this type of validation was being done at the wrong end of the network, that code should... […]