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Is the web platform getting too big?

Peter-Paul Koch recently wrote a blog post entitled, “Stop pushing the web forward” [1], in which he argued for a one-year moratorium on adding new features to the web platform. By new features, he means new APIs and capabilities in HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, arguing: We’re pushing the web forward to emulate native more and... […]

From Wordpress to Jekyll: My new blog setup

I had been thinking about moving my blog from Wordpress to Jekyll for a while. I was hesitant because I didn’t know a lot about how Jekyll worked and wasn’t sure if I’d ultimately want to have my site hosted on GitHub or not. I also was concern about not having the ability to schedule... […]

Announcing the NCZOnline Newsletter

For a while, I’ve been toying with the idea of writing more short form content. While I love the long form of writing, it does take a lot of energy and as such I’ve been unable to do the regular amount of writing that I normally do. I thought about doing short form content on... […]

Why you’re afraid of public speaking

One of the most common questions I’m asked is how to get started with public speaking. My answer is always the same: just start doing it. That’s usually when the terror crosses the questioner’s face, as if they had expected me to reveal some secret ninja training that makes you a confident and capable public... […]

The bunny theory of code

Anyone who’s ever worked with me knows that I place a very high value on what ends up checked-in to a source code repository. The reason for this is very simple: once code gets checked-in, it takes on a life of its own. Checking in is akin to sharing your code with others, and once... […]

Consensus-Driven Development

If you grew up in a democratic country, chances are you were taught at a young age about the importance of democracy and people’s right to vote. Children growing up in the United States, in particular, are inundated with the message that democracy is the best form of government and voting is the best way... […]

Generalists and specialists: thoughts on hiring

In my career, I’ve worked at companies of all shapes and sizes. From the very tiny five-person failed startup WellFurnished to the 13,000-strong Yahoo to the around 1,000-person Box (my current employer). During that time, I’ve been a part of many different engineering organizations that have had very different philosophies about hiring engineers. I’ve interviewed... […]

My ECMAScript 7 wishlist

With ECMAScript 6 now feature complete, any further changes to the core of JavaScript will happen in ECMAScript 7. I’m pretty excited about the changes coming in ECMAScript 6 and there are already some great ECMAScript 7 features such as Object.observe() and asynchronous functions. While the development of ECMAScript 7 continues, I just wanted to... […]

An open letter to the FCC regarding net neutrality

Dear Chairman Wheeler, I’m writing to you as a citizen who is deeply concerned about the direction the FCC may take with regards to ISPs. As both a consumer and a technology worker, I rely on the Internet not only as a source of entertainment and information, but also a way to communicate with colleagues... […]

URLs are already dead

Last week, there was a fair bit of furor when Jake Archibald wrote an article1 describing an experimental feature in Chrome that hides all but the domain name of the URL you’re on. The idea is very similar to what already happens in the iOS 7 version of Safari: once navigation is underway, the URL... […]