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Ajax Experience: Day 3

So the final day of the Ajax Experience came and went. I’m still not entirely sure how I dragged myself out of bed for my 9:45am talk this morning (Enterprise JavaScript Error Handling), but I did and it went off well. The crowd was fun and actually laughed at my jokes, which is more than... […]

Ajax Experience: Day 2

Today was the first day that I had a talk, but that didn’t make me any less lazy than normal. I dragged myself out of bed around 9:30am so that I could get down to the grand ballroom for the lightning talks. I thought this was a cool idea, having a bunch of people do... […]

Ajax Experience: Day 1

Monday was the official start of the Ajax Experience. Being as lazy and jet-lagged as I am, I couldn’t quite make it to the 7am breakfast. I missed it by about four hours or so. I met up with fellow Yahoos Nicole Sullivan and Stoyan Stefanov for lunch at this cool Italian place called Salvatore’s... […]

Ajax Experience: Day 0

I arrived at the hotel last night for the Ajax Experience (I term this “day 0″ because the conference officially started today. The Renaissance Hotel is really nice and somehow I ended up with a room that has two beds…party in my room! The room had a nice TV, about 42″ with HD, so watching... […]

New Yahoo! front page goes into testing

I’ve been at Yahoo! now for over two years, and for almost all of it, I’ve not been able to talk about what I’ve been working on. I started out on the My Yahoo! redesign and then moved onto the front page redesign. Today, the new front page design goes into public testing and I... […]

Inside IE 8′s mutable DOM prototypes

When Internet Exporer 8 was released, a much talked-about feature was mutable DOM prototypes. I dug in this morning to figure out exactly what is and is not supported. As one would expect, the support is not as full as the nice writeup would have everyone believe. Here’s a quick summary: The Node type doesn’t... […]

Chrome tames wild dialogs and popups

I decided to dig into Google Chrome this weekend to see what sort of hidden gems were lurking just beneath the surface. I ended up with a deep exploration into how the browser handles dialogs (alert, prompt, and confirm) as well as popup windows and discovered some pretty interesting things. First, Chrome has this interesting... […]

Blog finally updated

It’s taken me a bit, but I’ve finally coverted my blog over to use WordPress. Since I started this blog almost 8 years ago, I’ve managed it on a custom-written content management system. I wrote everything from scratch including the database schema, spam precautions, and tagging system. This past month, I finally reached the point... […]

ECMAScript is dead; long live ECMAScript!

It hasn’t been a secret that I hate ECMAScript 4. Well, to be more precise, I hate it as an evolution of JavaScript on the web; on its own, I think it’s an interesting and unique language. In writing my next book, I even came away with a certain appreciation for how it tips its... […]

Speaking schedule

It’s been an incredibly busy year with work and writing, so I’ve purposely kept speaking engagements to a minimum. I will, however, be speaking at two events coming up: The Rich Web Experience – West: September 8-10. I’m going to have four sessions at RWE (details at the site), so I’ll be running around like... […]