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Professional JavaScript, 2nd Edition available for pre-order

Good news! Professional JavaScript, 2nd Edition is now available for pre-order from Amazon. This is my fourth book release in the past five years, and boy am I tired. I’m very excited about this book as it represents my revisiting of the book that started it all for me. The first edition of Professional JavaScript... […]

The YUI Test world tour

When I wrote YUI Test, my hope was to generate interest in unit testing for JavaScript. I became a fan of unit testing several years ago and have constantly been seeking ways to inject more of it into my development. I had hoped to publicize the framework this year and really get the word out.... […]

What happened to Firebug?

Just like any other web developer worth his salt, I use Firebug on an almost daily basis at work. I was excited to see the new features and performance improvements in version 1.2. After about a week of usage, however, I started uncovering some disturbing behavior. This version of Firebug seems to be very buggy.... […]

ECMAScript 3.1 static object methods prototype

While writing the section on ECMAScript 3.1 for my upcoming book, Professional JavaScript, 2nd Edition, I found it useful to create some of the static object methods to play around with. For those unaware, ECMAScript 3.1 defines several methods on Object designed to make it easier to manage object properties. These methods can be used... […]

Book review: The World is Flat

I got The World is Flat as a present last Christmas. I had heard about it from my mom and a couple other people who mentioned I might enjoy it. I settled down into reading The World is Flat and had a couple reactions. The first was how much the metaphor annoyed me; the second... […]

Why software engineers fail

I was reading an interesting entry over at fellow Yahoo Luke Wroblewski’s blog entitled, Why Designers Fail. The entry outlines research done by Scott Berkun regarding the career of designers and why some fail to achieve the results they desire. Luke sums up the findings nicely saying that many of the reasons why designers fail... […]

Facebook: The transparent society

“Wow, she is cute,” I exclaimed to my friend who had just showed sent me a photo of a girl on Facebook. “I know,” he said, “but I wouldn’t put a comment to that effect in the message. I’m not sure if she’ll get to see it or not.” I admit that I was late... […]

The IE6 support problem

I’ve been catching up on my RSS reading and came across this post from former Yahoo Steve Souders expressing his frustration with IE6. I’ll admit, IE6 is a huge time sink, and the source of a lot of frustration for web developers around the world. Steve goes on to talk about a campaign called “Save... […]

Ajax Experience: The aftermath

Finally back home after my trip to Boston. It was a little weird, I felt like I really wasn’t there for all that long because my typical trips back to Boston involve meeting up with friends and family every day. Since I was at the Ajax Experience for most of the time, it seemed to... […]

YUI 2.6.0 released

In all of the craziness of the past week around the Ajax Experience, YUI 2.6.0 was officially released. As usual, there’s a mix of new controls and major bug fixes (around 450 or so). What makes this an exciting release for me is that two of my components, Cookie and Profiler, have been promoted out... […]