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What determines that a script is long-running?

One of the programming barriers that web developers are constantly bumping up against is the dreaded long-running script dialog (also called a runaway script dialog). These frightening dialogs are displayed whenever your JavaScript code takes too long to execute. The cardinal rule of web programming is that a user should never see this dialog, as... […]

Now available: Professional JavaScript, Second Edition

It’s been a long time coming, but Professional JavaScript for Web Developers, Second Edition is now available! You can, of course, order it from Amazon if you’re so inclined, but you should also start seeing it show up in stores everywhere. I was informed at the beginning of this week that the book has started... […]

FireUnit extension for YUI Test

I love unit testing, especially for JavaScript, which is why I wrote YUI Test. John Resig just announced another exciting tool for unit testing called FireUnit. FireUnit is an extension to Firebug (1.2+) and adds another tab to the Firebug console in which test results are output. Also included is a small JavaScript API for... […]

JavaScript block-level variables

JavaScript developers have long bemoaned the fact that there’s no such thing as block-level variables. Block-level variables are variables that exist only within the context of a block statement (such as if) and then are destroyed immediately after the statement is finished executing. You can write code that looks like it should create block-level variables,... […]

Redesign my site contest

So, it’s been a long time since this site’s design has been updated. And I mean, a long time. The entire design is getting a bit long in the tooth and it’s time for a change. Most of my extra time has been either writing books or working on YUI stuff, so my personal site... […]

What are web standards?

Working in web development, you hear the word “standards” a lot. And I mean, a lot. Internet Explorer is lambasted for not supporting standards, Opera holds itself up as the only browser that truly tries to fully implement standards, and web developers around the world chide each other for not following standards. The funny thing... […]

Now on Twitter

For the longest time, I have fought off the urge to join Twitter. My online footprint is fairly large and I just can’t devote enough time to update everything in every place that I exist on the wonderful web. However, I saw something pop up that I had to respond to, and thus, I have... […]

Books about social interaction

Reader Sammy Rashidchi commented on a previous post about wanting recommendations for more reading about social interaction. Frequent readers know that this area is of extreme interest to me and I’ve done a lot of reading about the topic. So here’s a list of books I recommend if you want to learn more about how... […]

Speaking at SF JavaScript Meetup

Just a quick note to let everyone know I’ll be speaking at the San Francisco JavaScript Meetup next Tuesday, November 25. I’m going to be speaking about why the new Yahoo! Front Page is built on YUI 3.0. This seems to have been a very hot topic after my YUIBlog post, so the YUI team... […]

Front Page and YUI 3 causes a stir

It’s really funny sometimes what gets coverage in tech news. Apparently, my blog post about how we co-developed the new Yahoo! Front Page and YUI 3 is really interesting to a number of people. I woke up this morning to find coverage of my humble offering plastered all over the Web: Yahoo testing new user... […]