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What are web standards?

Working in web development, you hear the word “standards” a lot. And I mean, a lot. Internet Explorer is lambasted for not supporting standards, Opera holds itself up as the only browser that truly tries to fully implement standards, and web developers around the world chide each other for not following standards. The funny thing... […]

Now on Twitter

For the longest time, I have fought off the urge to join Twitter. My online footprint is fairly large and I just can’t devote enough time to update everything in every place that I exist on the wonderful web. However, I saw something pop up that I had to respond to, and thus, I have... […]

Books about social interaction

Reader Sammy Rashidchi commented on a previous post about wanting recommendations for more reading about social interaction. Frequent readers know that this area is of extreme interest to me and I’ve done a lot of reading about the topic. So here’s a list of books I recommend if you want to learn more about how... […]

Speaking at SF JavaScript Meetup

Just a quick note to let everyone know I’ll be speaking at the San Francisco JavaScript Meetup next Tuesday, November 25. I’m going to be speaking about why the new Yahoo! Front Page is built on YUI 3.0. This seems to have been a very hot topic after my YUIBlog post, so the YUI team... […]

Front Page and YUI 3 causes a stir

It’s really funny sometimes what gets coverage in tech news. Apparently, my blog post about how we co-developed the new Yahoo! Front Page and YUI 3 is really interesting to a number of people. I woke up this morning to find coverage of my humble offering plastered all over the Web: Yahoo testing new user... […]

Professional JavaScript, 2nd Edition available for pre-order

Good news! Professional JavaScript, 2nd Edition is now available for pre-order from Amazon. This is my fourth book release in the past five years, and boy am I tired. I’m very excited about this book as it represents my revisiting of the book that started it all for me. The first edition of Professional JavaScript... […]

The YUI Test world tour

When I wrote YUI Test, my hope was to generate interest in unit testing for JavaScript. I became a fan of unit testing several years ago and have constantly been seeking ways to inject more of it into my development. I had hoped to publicize the framework this year and really get the word out.... […]

What happened to Firebug?

Just like any other web developer worth his salt, I use Firebug on an almost daily basis at work. I was excited to see the new features and performance improvements in version 1.2. After about a week of usage, however, I started uncovering some disturbing behavior. This version of Firebug seems to be very buggy.... […]

ECMAScript 3.1 static object methods prototype

While writing the section on ECMAScript 3.1 for my upcoming book, Professional JavaScript, 2nd Edition, I found it useful to create some of the static object methods to play around with. For those unaware, ECMAScript 3.1 defines several methods on Object designed to make it easier to manage object properties. These methods can be used... […]

Book review: The World is Flat

I got The World is Flat as a present last Christmas. I had heard about it from my mom and a couple other people who mentioned I might enjoy it. I settled down into reading The World is Flat and had a couple reactions. The first was how much the metaphor annoyed me; the second... […]