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It’s time to stop blaming Internet Explorer

A couple of days ago, Smashing Magazine published an article entitled, Old Browsers Are Holding Back The Web1. The author of this article that “old browsers” are holding web developers back from creating beautiful experiences. Old browsers, in this case, apparently referred to Internet Explorer version 6-9. That’s right, the author groups Internet Explorer 9... […]

iOS has a :hover problem

Recently, I got my first iPad. I’ve had an iPhone since last year, and had gotten used to viewing the mobile specific view of most websites. When I got the iPad, it was my first time experiencing desktop webpages using a touch interface. Generally, the transition was easy. I just tapped on links I wanted... […]

Book review: Adaptive Web Design

I’ve known Aaron Gustafson for about five years. We met at a conference initially and stayed in touch throughout the years despite living on opposite coasts and rarely seeing each other in person. We have a lot in common, such as the belief in front-end engineering as an important discipline and the value of progressive... […]

What’s a software engineer, anyway?

I’ve received a lot of feedback over the past couple of weeks regarding my last two blog posts. The overwhelming majority seem to really like them. There are some, however, that have raised some interesting questions. Questions that deserve a bit more exploration than a simple blog comment provides. For instance, some seem to be... […]

Web developers are software engineers, too

When I went to college I knew I wanted to work with computers but I didn’t know what exactly I wanted to do. I had fallen in love with a Packard Bell “multimedia” computer with a Pentium processor and a (gasp!) CD-ROM drive. I spent every waking moment on that computer doing nothing in particular... […]

The care and feeding of software engineers (or, why engineers are grumpy)

Not too long ago, Jenna Bilotta wrote an excellent article called, How designers and engineers can play nice1, in which she talks about ways for designers and engineers to work more productively. Having faced similar challenges working with designers (and also working with engineers, when I was on the UI side), I appreciate the pragmatic... […]

Working with files in JavaScript, Part 5: Blobs

Up to this point, this series of posts has focused on interacting with files specified by the user and accessed via File objects. The File object is actually a more specific version of a Blob, which represents a chunk of binary data. The size and type properties exist on Blob objects and are inherited by... […]

Working with files in JavaScript, Part 4: Object URLs

Up to this point in the blog series, you’ve learned how to use files in the traditional way. You can upload files to the server and you can read file data from disk. These all represent the most common ways of dealing with files. However, there is a completely new way to deal with files... […]

Now available: Maintainable JavaScript

I’m happy to announce that my latest book, Maintainable JavaScript, is now available in print. Thanks to the folks at O’Reilly, the ebook was released as a preview last month, but now all the edits have been completed and the book is officially done. I’m very excited about this book, even moreso than some of... […]

Working with files in JavaScript, Part 3: Progress events and errors

The FileReader object is used to read data from files that are made accessible through the browser. In my previous post, you learned how to use a FileReader object to easily read data from a file in a variety of formats. The FileReader is very similar to XMLHttpRequest in many ways. Progress events Progress events... […]